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Penellope Logue, Tenacious Unicorn Ranch

Hi, I am Penellope Logue, CEO of The Tenacious Unicorn Ranch. My company is a transgender collective building a thriving, self sustaining alpaca ranch in northern Colorado. We process alpaca fiber into yarn, sell chicken and duck eggs and make our land available to local queer youth and adults who want to learn about ranching and sustainable living. Our goal as a company is to provide a safe, growth positive environment for queer folk to be themselves and not worry about the day to day violence and discrimination faced by most trans and gender nonconforming folks.

We are not separatist, we just believe that by staying together as a group and working towards a goal we are safer and better able to navigate the current landscape in America. Our mission is to create something that outlives us and gives queer folk of many generations a sustainable income and place to thrive.

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By Dog Knife

Intersex trans man. Follow me on social media for more articles!

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