Morgueanne di Monica, Musician

Preferred pronouns: They/them/their

To listen to “The Dark Room,” their most popular album so far, click here.

My name is Morgueanne DiMonica and I’m a nonbinary musician. 
I’ve been queer for as long as I can remember and I’ve been writing music for that long too. My musical genre is a cross between industrial and orchestral, but I’m comfortable with performing in nearly any genre. 

I’ve been diagnosed with PTSD, MDD, ADHD, and bipolar. 

When I was young, I went through a lot of social trauma, manipulation, bullying, and abuse. I had the experience of having everything I could have wanted, and losing it all before I even knew I had it. As I was growing up, my only solace was my MP3 player. When I listened to the musicians I loved, I didn’t feel alone. I felt like someone was there with me, sticking up for me through all the pain and neglect, and all I have ever wanted to do is pay that kind of connection forward.

I make music primarily for people who have unwillingly surrendered their identity to an onslaught of traumatic experiences, people who are lost, alone, and scared, and people who have lived through torment without understanding why they are still going. My biggest desire in life is to reach as many people as I can with my message: You are never alone in your suffering. Someone knows just what you’re going through, and they don’t want you to give up. 

My second goal is to call people to action. I want people to hear what I have to say, look at the world, and decide that it needs to be changed through understanding and assertion. We deserve to live in a better world, and we can’t change it by being passive. I want to call everyone to stand up for what they believe in and defend what they love. 

Thank you for your time and thank you for listening. 

Social Media

Instagram/Twitter: @mdmgarbage 
Tumblr: morgueannedimonica
Facebook: Morgueanne DiMonica 

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