Hazel & Therin Stapp (Orc Zone), Podcasters

Hazel Stapp is from a small town in Arkansas, but moved north to Rhode Island for love. She finally came to the realization that she was a trans woman at the age of 32, and has been living her best life since. Hazel has a degree in creative writing, but helps pay the bills by working in a factory. Hazel loves tea, writing, and playing RPG’s both on the computer and on tabletop. She is very dedicated to producing queer content, and helping other Transgender people when she can.

Therin Stapp is a native Rhode Islander. She is on the ace specturm, and started coming to terms with her queer identity around the same time as Hazel. Therin works hard to provide visibility to asexuality, and to help her asexual peers. She enjoys playing RPGs, knitting, and cats. Her day job is as a reference librarian, which she loves dearly, despite the ways it reveals everyday injustices.

Therin was the one who wanted to start a podcast. She had been a player on the Dungeons & Dragons Actual Play “Roll Like A Girl” for a couple of months, and wanted to start a project of her own. After talking about it for a while the two of them decided that they were going to do an audio drama about two worlds colliding. And so Interference was born.

Interference is a story about  Jacq, a human woman on present-day Earth, and Geneva, a trans orc woman on a world called Chel.   It is a slowburn paranormal romance with adventure elements. It tells the story of an interplanar glitch that brings two women together, and their struggle to keep it that way.

Legends of Chel is a Dungeons & Dragons 5e actual-play podcast, set in the same universe as Interference.  In each episode, we follow the adventures of a farmer named Waylon Virur, an apprentice Druid called Day, and a student of the College of Avarn, Ichabod Pike. These unassuming folk from the tiny, secluded town of Bell’s Run find themselves on a quest to save their hometown from destruction and starvation.

By Dog Knife

Intersex trans man. Follow me on social media for more articles!

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