Graphic Artists

James Berri (Gnollway), Graphic Artist

I’m James Berri– Genderfluid (he/him), Asexual, and Pan!

Most of my works focus on varying styles. This can range from simplistic and cartoony on default– to adapting to most any style I’m attempting to blend with at the time to suit the mood. I like to focus on comics (both world building and story-telling), character design, and illustration as a whole! Most of my more recent works involve fanart but, I like to show heavily in the original field as well!! I have several projects on the back-burner and each fueled with a fiery passion to show them to the world.

With each of my characters and interpretations, I like to put a piece of myself in them to show how much one can change over the course of several years regarding one’s self.

I struggled a lot with my identity, who I am, and how I would doubt myself if any of these things were questioned or if I felt different about things later on. I didn’t have the chance to see people going through similar situations and doubts until much later in my life so, showing myself through my characters is used as an outlet and as a way to show others that you can explore yourself– it’s okay to have changes happen regarding this type of thing. Along with this, I try my best to showcase all sorts in my works– be they from LGBT and delving further into the QIA and +.

A lot of my personal art-focused interests involve the concept of dreams, dimensional travel, and most things that tend to tie to escapism. Love is also something I tend to show in my works and person in general, whether it be platonic or romantic. Having emotional bonds and exploring healthy dynamics is something I really love to draw. I feel it gives both me as the artist and the consumer a good boost of positivity that helps with the sad times!

Having someone or something to relate to and support you goes a long way– My main goal is to send off positive vibes and messages through most of my works, designs, and stories to people of all ages and identities! Which I think everyone, especially the LGBT community, needs with all the tragic representation we have in media.


By Dog Knife

Intersex trans man. Follow me on social media for more articles!

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